Voluntary Service

According to the scriptures, Divine Grace can be attained not only by worshipping Lord Sri Venkateswara in the sanctum sanctorum but also by serving His devotees.

Through the Srivari Seva, TTD provides a unique opportunity for devotees of Lord Sri Venkateswara to serve their fellow pilgrims. The Seva helps to inculcate the spirit of service in the Lord's devotees.

Through Srivari Seva, devotees can volunteer their services in the following areas:

  • Annadanam
  • Queue Lines
  • Kalyana Katta
  • Service to Pilgrim-pedestrians
  • Cloak-rooms
  • Parking Areas
  • Free Luggage Centre
  • Pushkarini
  • Information Centres
  • Srivari Temple

Devotees are free to choose the area according to their interest and aptitude. Groups consisting of less than 10 members that are ready to work for atleast one week may participate in the Seva by prior intimation and they will be provided with free food and accommodation at Tirumala. Bhajan troupes can also take part in this service.

Srivari Seva will form an integral part of worship at Tirumala. It enlivens our spiritual lives and prepares our bodies and souls to act according to the will of the Supreme Lord.

Through Srivari Seva, TTD endeavours to perpetuate a noble tradition devoutly followed by the illustrious acharyas like Tirumala Nambi, Ramanujacharya and Ananthalvar.

Important Note
TTD does not manage any temples outside India.

Devotees who want to offer Srivari Seva may enroll themselves at:

The Srivari Seva Cell
Annadanam Complex
Phone: 08574 79693

For further details, contact:

The Public Relations Officer
Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams
Phone: 08574-32813